We recently launched the Tdyn Wind Tunnel application that allows you to develop a wind tunnel simulation in just three steps. The first step is to import the CAD geometry of the model.

Rhinoceros is a CAD application widely used in industrial design, architecture, naval design, among other applications. It is therefore a very suitable application for generating the geometry necessary to carry out a numerical analysis with the Wind Tunnel application.

For this reason, Compass has developed a plug-in that performs the following tasks:

  1. Exports the geometry to the IGES format.
  2. Automatically opens the Wind Tunnel application if it is installed on the PC. If not, the plug-in will direct the user to the webpage where the application can be downloaded.
  3. Imports the geometry into the Wind Tunnel application.”

Hence, this plugin is very suitable for those users who regularly use Rhinoceros and want to use its geometry to launch a wind tunnel simulation.

The plug-in is currently available on this  web site and will soon be available on food4Rhino, the Rhinoceros plug-in repository.

In addition, an user manual for both the plug-in and the Wind Tunnel application is available on this page.


Simulacion barco compass