E-SeaFEM is a powerful, easy, straightforward, and fast application that automates the creation of complete models for conducting sea behavior analysis, providing reliable results through Tdyn.

WHAT IS IT? E-SeaFEM is an evolution of our reliable Tdyn SeaFEM. Using this powerful solver, our new interface simplifies the setup and generation of domains and meshes for sea behavior simulations, allowing for the execution of analyses and visualization of results in just a few clicks.

WHAT IS ITS ADDED VALUE? The simplicity of E-SeaFEM revolutionizes the user experience. You can launch simulations in less than 1 minute with just three steps:

  1. Import project data.
  2. Define conditions and properties.
  3. Launch the simulation.

WHO IS IT DESIGNED FOR? For anyone who, without being an expert in CFD, can benefit from a seakeeping analysis, for example:

  • Naval engineers who need to run seakeeping simulations of their projects.
  • Architects and naval designers looking to assess the comfort of their designs.
  • Technical offices wishing to estimate resistance coefficients.
  • Non-expert professionals in CFD who want to leverage maritime analysis in a simple and fast manner.

And also for CFD experts looking to reduce the time and effort required for pre-processing and various common post-processing tasks, while minimising the associated errors.

Technical Features

  • Solver: Tdyn CFD versión 16
  • Automatic domain generation based on the dimensions of the imported model.
  • Automatic definition of mesh size according to the quality required by the user.
  • Automatic definition of time step and number of steps.
  • Quick results viewer.
  • Intuitive interface that automates the creation of complete models.
  • Easy configuration of boundary conditions and floater properties.
  • Access to advanced features of Tdyn SeaFEM for detailed analysis.


plugin rhinoceros

The purpose of this plugin is to make it easier for regular Rhinoceros users to export geometry created using this CAD application to the E-SeaFEM application.


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