Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas has been part of the First “Information Day” of european Research projects FIBREGY y FIBRE4YARDS. The objective of the conference, which has been held online, is to inform the actors of the different industrial and scientific fields, and the international naval sector, about the development, objectives, and progress of these projects to date.

Daniel Sá, senior Naval Architect in Compass, has presented the talk “New design procedures + Shipyard 4.0”. The contents and objectives of the work packages corresponding to the activities related to the design and engineering applied to those vessels destined to be designed and built through the implementation of advanced production technologies in FRP were presented, within which includes the establishment of the Shipyard 4.0 concepts and digital twins (both of the production and of the vessel itself). These work packages respond to the denominations “Design and Engineering for Vessel Production Improvement” and “Smart manufacturing approach for developing shipyard 4.0 strategy”.

Compass participates as a partner in both initiatives, coordinated by CIMNE. It also assumes the technical direction of FIBER4YARDS.

Both projects, financed with funds from the European Union, are aimed at promoting the naval industry and European renewable energies. The objective of FIBRE4YARDS is the implementation of advanced production technologies in shipbuilding. For its part, FIBERGY focuses on the use and application of composite materials (Fibre-reinforced polymer, FRP) in the structures of marine wind platforms (off-shore) and for obtaining tidal energy. Both projects share the common goal of systematically introducing the methodologies and standards for the digitization of industrial production in the naval sector: digital twins and Shipyard4.0.

Find more information about both projects and the partners:

FIBRE4YARDS This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006860.

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