We’re excited to announce the launch of E-SeaFEM (https://bit.ly/4aglDn6) the next evolution of our trusted Tdyn SeaFEM solver!

This powerful tool simplifies the setup and execution of sea behavior simulations, bringing unprecedented ease and efficiency to maritime analysis.

What is E-SeaFEM? E-SeaFEM (https://bit.ly/4aglDn6) is a cutting-edge solver designed to streamline seakeeping simulations. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly set up domains, generate meshes, execute analyses, and visualize results—all in just a few clicks.

Added Value: Simplifying Simplicity The true game-changer with E-SeaFEM (https://bit.ly/4aglDn6) is its unparalleled simplicity. Launch simulations in under 1 minute with just three straightforward steps: Import project data. Define conditions and properties. Launch the simulation.

Who Can Benefit? E-SeaFEM (https://bit.ly/4aglDn6) is tailored for a wide range of professionals, including: Naval engineers seeking quick and accurate seakeeping assessments. Architects and naval designers aiming to enhance the comfort of their vessel designs. Technical offices interested in estimating resistance coefficients with ease. Non-expert CFD professionals looking to leverage maritime analysis effortlessly.

Additionally, E-SeaFEM is a boon for CFD experts, reducing pre-processing and post-processing efforts while minimizing errors. Experience the future of seakeeping simulations with E-SeaFEM (https://bit.ly/4aglDn6).

Try it today and unlock unparalleled efficiency in maritime analysis!

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