Proud to share insights from one the latest projects academic projects directed by Dr. Joel Jurado Granados and Daniel Sá, and led by Domi Montenegro a student from the Faculty of Nautical Studies of Barcelona, on offshore fish cage design! 🐟 The student obtained Honours for his comprehensive analysis utilizing cutting-edge software to optimize every aspect of the Shenlan fish cage. Here are some key highlights:

Net Type Optimization: Leveraging Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations with Tdyn CFD+HT software (, they tested various net types under different conditions. Hexagonal meshes with a solidity ratio of 0.27 emerged as the top performers, enhancing efficiency in drag coefficient.

Weight & Center of Gravity Estimation: Calculating weights and center of gravity for different draft conditions was crucial for stability. The analysis, including transport draft considerations, ensured safe transportation of the structure.

Seakeeping Analysis: Using Tdyn SeaFEM software (, the student assessed the fish cage’s motion within acceptable limits. Their mooring system arrangement, backed by detailed simulations, proved robust, with a maximum tension of 5291 kN.

This study, spearheaded Domi Montenegro, showcases the power of software in revolutionizing offshore aquaculture, ensuring safer, more efficient operations. Kudos to the student for their dedication to innovation!


Simulacion barco compass