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Compass's Partnership Program

Compass has a strong agent and partner's network and enrolls new partners who value partnership and realize that mutual success depends upon joint efforts and investments. Every completed sale of a Compass's product or a service earns our partners bonuses and financial income. Working with Compass, our partners increase their market share, obtain higher levels of client's satisfaction and forge more productive relationships with their customers.

Besides developing its own numerical calculation codes Tdyn CFD+HT and RamSeries, Compass is a co-developer and the exclusive corporate distributor of the GiD pre/post-processing system (GiD), and acts as a comercial partner of R+D organization CIMNE.

GiD can be adapted to any type of analysis calculation program, and is one of the most powerful and user-friendly products on the market.

GiD was selected as "2002 EUROPEAN IST PRIZE WINNER" by the European Information Society Technologies Prize Organization.

Compass maintains two types of partnerships:

  • Compass Resellers

Compass Resellers market and sell any or all our codes including Tdyn CFD+HT, RamSeries and/or GiD through their own sales channels without a calculation code development.

  • Compass-GiD Partners

Compass-GiD Partners resell GiD licenses together with their own calculation module. Our Partners integrate GiD with their codes and sell a complete numerical simulation tool. There are three levelsof Compass-GiD Partners diferentiated by their level of integration with the calculation module, marketing effort and benefits from Compass.

To apply for Compass's Partnership Program or request more information, please fill in our contact form.