• Simulations

    Cooling system of a nuclear power plant:

  • Analysis in waves of a semi-planning craft I:

  • Analysis of sloshing phenomenon in a 2D tank:

  • Blood flow analysis about a real cerebral aneurysm (courtesy of CIMNE):

  • Towing analysis of a semi-planning craft:

  • Thermo-mechanical analysis of a glass bottle mould (courtesy of Vidrio Eng.):

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  • Propagation of gravity waves:

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  • Simulation of a glass bottle mold cooling:

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  • Green waters analysis case I:

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  • Green waters analysis case II:

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Much more than just a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver, Tdyn CFD+HT is an entire engineering solution for solving problems involving fluid and porous media flow, heat transfer and multi-physics. At the heart of Tdyn CFD+HT is its leading finite calculus (FIC-FEM) solver technology, offering reliable and accurate solutions quickly and robustly.

Tdyn CFD+HT includes different modules for solving fluid flow and heat transfer in both solid and fluids, turbulence, transport of species and free surface problems. Tdyn CFD+HT also offers an advanced solution for fluid-structure interaction (FSI) including beams, cables, shells and solid structural models.

Tdyn CFD+HT is fully integrated in the Tdyn suite, featuring a comprehensive simulation suite that provides solution to nearly any engineering calculation need. A unique graphic user interface (GUI), for geometry and data definition, mesh generation and post-processing the analysis results, based on a versatile tree-like interface for data managing, allows the easiest control of the whole process of creating the analysis model.

The analysis solutions integrated in Tdyn CFD+HT have been successfully applied to the simulation of the aerodynamics of buildings, water flow about ship hulls, glass bottle making processes, cooling of electronic devices, flow in pumps and fans, studies of HVAC systems, and much more.

A basic description of the capabilities of every Tdyn CFD+HT module is given next:


features the latest technology for solving real fluid flows in 3D (transient or steady), including turbulence effects. The different fluid models allow solving the full range of fluid dynamics problems, including porous media flows.


offers an advanced solution to solve complex forced, natural, and mixed convection heat transfer in fluids and conduction in solids. Heatrans module includes a conjugated heat transfer solver, including contact conditions with resistance effects.


allows solving problems concerning the advection/diffusion of mass/species in fluids, including reactive effects. It is also able to solve species diffusion problems in solids (Fick's law).


includes two advanced algorithms for solving problems with free surface, offering the most reliable solution for every free-surface analysis.


extend the capabilities of Tdyn CFD+HT by offering different utilities for creating and solving new user defined problems, described by partial differential equations (PDE).


offers several mesh updating strategies: prescribed and free bodies movement with automatic mesh updating, explicit mesh movement via user functions and combinations of these strategies.

More detailed information about Tdyn CFD+HT features and system requirements can be found in Tdyn Technical Specifications, at the support page and at the release notes page.

A free version of Tdyn CFD+HT, limited in the number of mesh nodes, can be downloaded at the downloads page. A one month password for activating all the capabilities for demonstration purposes can be obtained at our passwords page.