RamDebugger is a graphical debugger for the scripting lenguage Tcl-Tk.

With RamDebugger, it is possible to make Local Debugging, where the debugger starts the program to be debugged. and Remote debugging, where the program to debug is already started and RamDebugger connects to it.

RamDebugger has additional capabilities like:

  • Editing the code. It is possible to edit the code inside its own editor and debug the new code without closing the debugged program.
  • The TCL-TK source code is colorized and supports automatic indentation.
  • When stopping the debugger is one source code line, it is possible to view all the variables and expression values, as well as change them.
  • It has additional options to measure execution times in the debugged program.
  • Works in Linux, Windows and MacOSX.
  • Includes additional packages, like Tkcon and VisualRegexp, developed by third party people, as a convenience for RamDebugger users.
  • The same program is an IDE for compiling and debugging c and c++
  • It supports editing XML code

Note: RamDebugger can also be an IDE for compiling and debugging c/c++ code. It uses GDB as a backend. See Compiling/Debugging c++ for details.

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