Current version is: 8.0

News in version 8.0 (2012-02-03)

  • Improvements for managing fossil in VCS
  • New program VCS-RamDebugger
  • Added some capabilities for touchscreens like selecting with handles, fast drag, etc.

News in version 7.9 (2010-12-26)

  • Control-f opens fossil web browser in VCS
  • Control-Shift-7 Opens VCS with current directory selected
  • Change ticket status when making commit
  • VCS browser can be started independently of RamDebugger
  • Control-Shift-D opens diff programs ignoring blanks
  • Diff program windows are open in the inferior part of the screen tiled

News in version 7.8 (2010-09-28)

  • The executable dirs of preferences are also added to ::auto_path variable. So they will be used to find TCL packages
  • Improvements for c/c++ debugging, instrumenting and working
  • It is possible to kill a process in the debug attach process
  • Added menu command "Activate stack level" in the stack trace
  • Added option "View diff (ignore blanks)" in VCS

News in version 7.7 (2010-02-10)

  • Control-7 opens the VCS management window
  • Added accelerators for View and Update
  • Improving default messages in "commit message"
  • TCL modules default dirs added to debugging interpreter

News in version 7.6 (2009-12-31)

  • Correction in Windows for an error when copying files "cat.exe" ...
  • Fast insert of brackets in "Expressions" window
  • When inserting replace string from clipboard, change max length from 20 to 30

News in version 7.5 (2009-12-28)

  • Pressing button 'View' in fossil, gives information about files to be updated

News in version 7.4 (2009-12-14)

  • Nice semaphore image in VCS to show when the VCS is working or idle
  • Added breakpoint condition for gdb debugging
  • Added the revert option to fossil
  • Added the option to view diff without consider white space in the diff window
  • only delete selection if it is in the same line than insertion

News in version 7.3 (2009-11-16)

  • Fixed error with "diff window" in vcs
  • New capabilities for fossil management: Differences window, insert tickets number, insert file name

News in version 7.2 (2009-10-23)

  • New default font for Linux
  • Move to view all when view files or variables pane is activated

News in version 7.1 (2009-10-23)

  • Added text files line end control. It is possible to select auto, Unix or Windows
  • When saving, Open previously read files with r+ and truncate to avoid problems with links
  • It is possible to debug c/c++ code attaching to a running process
  • When saving, file is not deleted and recreated, but open an truncated. In this way, symbolic links work ok
  • New keyboard accelerator: Alt-Backspace
  • Possibility to hide view variables pane
  • Instrumentation and coloring of Makefile files
  • It is possible to manage files under the version control system fossil
  • The source version control system has been moved from cvs to fossil
  • Double click in one #ifdef in c/++ code selects the block
  • It is possible to define the type of the file with one special line at the beginning of the file, emacs style
  • New menu command to define the type of the file manually

News in version 7.0 (2009-08-23)

  • Interative search and replace with Ctrl-i and Ctrl-j
  • Add some functions for CVS management of the files being edited
  • Fast instrumentation of c/c++ code
  • Create a c/c++ project based on an existing Makefile
  • First version for MacOSX
  • There is a new option to be added to the debugged program that permits it to wait for the debugger to connect. Check example "example2b.tcl"
  • There is a new option to decide if saving with Tabs or with spaces at the beginning of the lines of the edited files

News in version 6.2

  • Prepared for new TCL syntax {*}
  • Changes From version 5.6 to version 6.1
  • Partly converted to tile
  • Prepared for working with TabletPC
  • Highly optimized XML parsing and colorize

News in version 5.6

  • Added trace command in the Breakpoints window (checking in every line if a variable changes)
  • New debug option: Continue out of loop

News in version 5.5

  • Added new option Open in new Window
  • Added a new Return option to the debugger for returning from a proc without finishing it
  • Edit--Paste stack
  • New macro for changing background color to regions of file
  • Possibility of non-instrumenting some procs, defined by name

News in version 5.4

  • Colorize XML files
  • New open without browser
  • Permmits to open remote files by using ssh, ftp, plink.

News in version 5.3

  • Colors customization
  • Fast instrumenter for TCL code, developed in C++
  • Profile procedures
  • Files list obtained with Ctrl-Tab has a new alternative list based on current directory

News in version 4.4

  • Implemented secondary view in the Editor
  • Implemented auto save, based on file revisions
  • New inline file chooser to fast change buffers
  • The search controls are now integrated inside the main GUI
  • RamDebugger can automatically manage revisions of files (based internally on CVS)
  • Added program for visualizing file differences
  • New option in Help to associate RamDebugger as command in the .tcl extension in Windows
  • When TCL raises and error, RamDebugger shows last visited line
  • If files contain, in first lines something like they are considered as in utf-8 encoding
  • RamDebugger works only for TCL version 8.4
  • Open file and save file browser follow the preferences extensions for file types
  • Added new macro for going to function names
  • Corrections for when several pop-up windows appear at the same time

News in version 3.2

  • Added Snit support
  • Added contextual menu in marker zone (left margin of text)
  • Added Enable/disable to breakpoints
  • Added command stop in the Debug menu
  • Added command to break execution in any moment
  • Added zoom option to Display Windows hierarchy
  • The cache directory (used internally by RamDebugger) is now created in the user directories instead of inside the installation directory
  • Option Pick window in Windows hierarchy
  • It is necessary to stop debugging before start debugging again

News in version 3.1

  • GiD customization files
  • User can choose file extensions for every file type
  • New macro for applying regsub to a region
  • New option in Current file arguments: file type can be TCL or TK
  • New option in Current file arguments: Another file can be started to begin local debugging
  • RamDebugger::OpenFileSaveHandler

News in version 3.0

  • Count lines of code of a project (LOC)
  • It is possible to create and use macros defined in TCL
  • Values in User defined var and Local vars display content in balloon
  • Autodisplay variables now displays also array variables
  • Better interactive indentation and colors
  • Menu close
  • Drawing dynamically closing braces when editing
  • better stack position
  • search and replace
  • comment lines are indented in normal column
  • Added reinstrument to menu Debug
  • If tkcon is open, output goes also to tkcon
  • New menu options in Tkcon to send commands to debugged program

News in version 2.8

  • Option to instrument last line in proc (to avoid error when not using return)
  • corrected error when brackets are not paired in comments
  • Script of command bind is now instrumented

News in version 2.6

  • RamDebugger can now be used as a package
  • When editing one file, breakpoints are modified in position accordingly
  • Command console works correctly now in local mode
  • It is possible to save possitions in the editor to return later
  • Activated drag and drop (works for Windows and for platforms that have package tkdnd compiled).

News in version 2.0

  • Tested for Tcl/Tk 8.4
  • When Tkhtml is not compiled for the given platform, gives message and continues
  • Added contextual help for programming commands. If there are manual pages (UNIX), it also uses them if man2html is found in the system.
  • When debugging local, possibility to choose debug TCL or TK
  • Improved the build process and the debugging for C/C++
  • Improved several windows, like the Breakpoints window and Goto line
  • Added option to search in files
  • Several speed problems in linux were related to the TCL bug with raise command. Implemented one workaround.
  • Fixed many bugs related to parsing files and other.

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