Solutions for glass manufacturing

We are able to provide a comprehensive range of engineering and virtual prototyping services for the glass industry. Our process engineering services focus on the design, operation, and optimization of the different glass forming processes, based on the systematic application of coupled fluid-dynamics, heat-transfer and structural computational analyses.

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Naval architecture and marine engineering

We can provide an ample offer of services in the naval architecture and marine engineering fields, ranging from feasibility studies to the global design and building management. The quality of these services is achieved by our team of experienced engineers and professionals, employing the latest technology to offer the best solutions to our customers.

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Computational Aided Engineering (CAE)

Compass offers a complete range of Computational Aided Engineering (CAE) services for almost any engineering discipline.

Our CAE experts will help you to merge the latest engineering analysis techniques with your current engineering processes, enabling to optimize your current designs, or develop new ones with a considerable cost and time reduction.

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Bridge engineering solutions

Compass has developed SUPERBAM: a new concept of modular pedestrian bridge, with a very short erection time and innovative aesthetics. SUPERBAM is based on a new structural design using high-strength Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and gives a cost-effective solution for any need.

SUPERBAM technology is efficient, safe and easy to deploy in any situation.

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Geotechnical engineering

Large constructions often need quite detailed geotechnical analysis in order to assure the stability of the foundations and a correct evaluation of the future subsidence for avoiding further maintenance and unexpected expenses. Compass offers an ample range of services in geotechnical engineering, thanks to our team of experienced engineers and the application of state-of-the-art computational technology.

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Development of tailor-made CAE software

We offer specialized services for development of customized software for CAE applications and information management in engineering. These services are supported by our ample experience in the field and by our suite of specialized libraries for the development of advanced Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs), tailor-made post-processing, automatic report generation, and analysis data management based on XML-based database.

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Development of web applications

Compass has created Lognoter; a development platform to create high-performance multi-platform desktop and web applications.

Lognoter is a highly flexible and scalable solution, extremely easy to deploy into the company environment, allowing the complete integration with the already existing customer IT business solutions.

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