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    Our licenses are computer-based. Therefore, Nastran-interface full version can be activated by inserting a password in the GiD menu Help->Register Problem type . In order to obtain an evaluation password for any of our software programs, please go to password page. For purchasing any professional password please contact us at: info@compassis.com .

    Note: The executable files work in DEMO mode, thus are limited for calculations of small models only.


    The supported operating systems for the most recent releases for Nastran are Windows (x86), Windows (64-bit, x64), Linux (x86) and Linux (64-bit, x64).

    Getting started

    If at any time you need assistance, you can find the help you need:

    Documentation, including software manuals and tutorials

    For more specific information about Nastran, please contact the Compass technical support team at info@compassis.com

    For more information about the GiD pre/post-processor requirements, visit GiD website


CompassFEM+SoftEd (shortly SoftEd) is an educational software developed by CIMNE and Compass, based on both RamSeries and GiD programs. It allows the students to initiate their activities of analysis in engineering and to become familiar with the use of these professional tools. It is based on the development of a couple of tasks, which are proposed in exercises, within an interactive media and with the support of an adequate theoretical framework.

When getting started in SoftEd, and the initial information window pop-ups. The program shows some changes in RamSeries interface and some recommendations. Then a library window is shown on which all the available exercises can be displayed.

When you want to work in RamSeries (standard mode) you must close Library window

without select any exercise, then SoftEd allows you to use all CompassFem's tools with password restrictions.

To return SoftEd and select a exercise from RamSeries (standard mode) you must select SoftEd->Nueva Sesión and choose one exercise from the Library window. SoftEd window will be shown in the screen:

The SoftEd window has 4 areas:

  • Title: it is located in the upper region of the window and shows the name of the current exercise. Click over this zone to toggle between floating and inner window.
  • Status: include buttons arranged in vertical form, each button correspond to a page in the exercise. The color code for each button is: light blue for current page and dark blue for past pages. For changing to another page click on another button.
  • Contents: show the information contained in an exercise's page. This information includes instructions to do some task. The links are coloured in blue and they show additional or specialised information.
  • Buttons: in the window's bottom region, includes four buttons, two (arrows) for to go to next page or back to previous page in the exercise, one button to view videos (when is enable) and one to do the task following the instructions in the page.

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