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Lognoter is a cutting-edge development platform for engineering and logistics IT applications. Lognoter has been conceived to ease the creation of applications for data and knowledge management, focussing on user-friendliness and customizable work environments.

Lognoterapplications include personal information management, e-logistics solutions, business process management, corporative knowledge and engineering simulations management solutions, and much more.

Nowadays, information management is becoming more and more important. Lognoter is a software that offers a very efficient solution for Knowledge Management in Technology (KMT), allowing the efficient management of the information generated in the whole project in a collaborative way.

Existing software for KM offers a range of utilities for this purpose. However, technology organizations have specific requirements that need new solutions. These organizations need to create and manage data from multiple sources like CAD, CAE, forms, reports, links, norms, ... and it becomes more and more necessary a tool that makes easier to deal with these data, specially in a collaborative environment.

For additional information, please visit: www.lognoter.com