• License types

    There are two licensing options available for CompassLIB:

    Academic license

    The use of the academic license is included in the standard GiD license. It permits to create a CompassLIB problemtype for non-profit use, including academic, educational or personal purposes. It does not permit professional use or redistribution. For full license information, please see license agreement .

    Professional license

    This license is provided by an agreement with Compass and permits the professional use of CompassLIB. It also permits the inclusion of GiD and CompassLIB in a customized product.


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CompassLIB is a collection of tools to facilitate the customization of the personal pre and postprocessor system GiD, for computer simulation based on Finite Element Method (FEM).

  • CompassLIB makes easier the customization of the preprocess, it means the development of an advanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for defining all data necessary to carry out specific analysis programs.
  • Nowadays there exists two different postprocess graphical user interfaces (GUI) to be used in GiD. On the one hand, the results of an analysis can be output in the GiD postprocess using the commonly known gidpostlibrary, provided in GiD by default. On the other hand, the results of an analysis can be visualized using the CompassLIB postprocess, which has several additional specific capabilities compared to the traditional GiD postprocess. The CompassLIB postprocess provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allows to set all the postprocess configuration preferences. Furthermore, CompassLIB postprocess is perfectly integrated on a pane with compact tree shape, which facilitates its management.

Main features

Some important features of using CompassLIB product include the following:

  • CompassLIB brings together all the common features of the different Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), which makes easier their own creation.
  • It takes advantage of the XML (Extensible Markup Language) format features and its hierarchical structure. XML is an open and flexible standard, endorsed by software market leaders. It supports Unicode and it is a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) recommendation, which is becoming more and more popular in the area of storing and transporting information. The syntax rules of XML are very simple, logical, concise, easy to learn and to use. Moreover, the XML documents are human-legible, clear and easy to be created.
  • CompassLIB facilitates the automatic creation of standard windows to enter input data. Furthermore, it converts automatically a main XML document to a user interface, it means a physical data tree-structure view in the GiD preprocessing window. It should be emphasized that the elements in the XML document form a tree-structure that starts at the root and branches to the leaves, with different relationships between the nested elements. Therefore, this XML feature allows to aggregate elements and store data efficiently.
  • This XML storage permits to process automatically XML documents on a physical data tree view on the GiD window for interfaces creation.
  • The information is stored in plain text format, which can be viewed in major of browsers. Furthermore, it has been designed to be self-descriptive.
  • CompassLIB allows to bring together geometry or mesh entities with identical properties into assigned groups in the user interface. The geometry properties and boundary conditions (i.e. constraints, loads, materials, etc.) can be applied into groups and can be edited easily.
  • It is possible to hide/show particular parts in the user interface automatically to configure GiD software for a specific type of analysis.
  • Offers additional capabilities to the traditional GiD postprocess to provide tailor-customer specific solutions.

Custom GiD

Custom GiD service is based on CompassLIB and the customization that is adapted to the specific need of every specific product

GiD is a graphical environment for pre/post-processing complex geometrical models, generating a mesh and other data necessary for the analysis. GiD also displays the results of the analysis using several graphical techniques. Custom GiD is a version of GiD developed by Compass and adapted on specific pre/post-processing needs your company may have. We can add new functionalities to your Custom GiD by adding new graphical windows, new processes and finally changing the format of data transferred to the program.

Further technical information here.