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Compass offers a full collection of simulation software for a variety of different engineering fields. Our commercial products for computer multiphysics simulation, structural calculations seakeeping analysis and the development platform for engineering and logistics IT applications focused on the new ICT technologies are the following:

Simulation and calculation software


The ultimate simulation technology

Tdyn features a comprehensive simulation suite that provides solution to nearly any engineering calculation need. The product offers a unique solution for structural, flow, heat transfer, fluid-structure interaction, multi-physics and sea-keeping problems in a single integrated package. Tdyn is conceived to merge with your current engineering processes, increasing your productivity and helping you to optimize your designs. Tdyn introduces a variety of tools to interact with your analyses, allowing having a perfect control over the design process.

Tdyn integrates three analysis packages: Tdyn CFD+HT, RamSeries and SeaFEM, offering 12 simulation modules and giving answer to almost any calculation need. The various Tdyn packages available are fully integrated in a unique Graphic User Interface (GUI) for geometry and data definition, mesh generation and post-processing of the analysis results. Tdyn’s GUI uses a versatile tree-like interface for data managing, allowing an easy control of the whole process.

To assist in the data definition process, Tdyn’s GUI allows to easily select and configure the type of analysis that is going to be carried out (structural analysis, CFD, multi-physics, fluid-structure interaction, etc), minimizing the time required to insert the analysis data.

Tdyn meshing technology includes a suite of tools to create in an automated way, high-quality unstructured, structured and semi-structured meshes, including boundary layer meshes.

The variety of tools provided by Tdyn allows to have a perfect control over the process and to verify its quality. In particular, Tdyn offers a wealth of intuitive visualization capabilities, delivering a flexible way to extract features of the physics of the model, and driving faster decisions with confidence.


Much more than just a CFD solver

Much more than just a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver, Tdyn CFD+HT is an entire engineering solution for solving problems involving fluid and porous media flow, heat transfer and multi-physics.

At the heart of Tdyn CFD+HT is its leading finite calculus (FIC-FEM) solver technology, offering accurate solutions quickly and robustly. This analysis solution has been applied to the simulation of aerodynamics of buildings, water flow about ship hulls, glass bottle making processes and much more.


The complete structural analysis solution

Complete finite element (FEM) environment for structural analysis, providing the ability to simulate every structural aspect of a product, thanks to its full range of capabilities to rapidly solve complex structural problems with ease.

RamSeries is a simulation solution that offers abilites such as linear statics, modal and three-dimensional structural analysis, linear and non-linear transient simulations, impact, coupled fluid-structure analyses, thermo mechanical studies, fatigue assessment and much more.


The leading-edge platform for seakeeping analysis

Suite of tools for the computational analysis of the effect of waves, wind and currents on naval and offshore structures, as well as for manoeuvring studies. SeaFEM has been developed for the most realistic seakeeping simulations of 3D multi-body radiation and diffraction problems, by solving potential flow equations in the time domain, using the finite element method on unstructured meshes.

SeaFEM features unique capabilities for global performance analysis of moored and/or connected systems subject to random sea states. SeaFEM applications include ships, semi-submersible and TLP platforms, FPSO systems, marine wind turbines and ocean energy harnessing devices.

Simulation for glass containers manufacturing


The latest simulation technology for glass containers manufacturing

Tdyn-Glass is a unique simulation solution for the analysis of glass container manufacturing. Tdyn-Glass provides advanced 3D tools to analyze the different aspects of the process; mold and cooling design, assessment of forming tools, optimization of forming equipment settings, container structural assessment, and much more.

The reliability and accuracy of the different Tdyn-Glass’ analysis models have been contrasted in many real-life studies over the last 10 years, and validated in several experimental campaigns..

Software for Knowledge Management in Technology


Innovative platform for engineering and logistics IT solutions

Cutting-edge development platform for engineering and logistics IT applications. Lognoter has been conceived to ease the creation of applications for data and knowledge management, focussing on user-friendliness and customizable work environments.

Lognoter applications include personal information management, e-logistics solutions, business process management, corporative knowledge and engineering simulations management solutions.

Lognoter has been actively involved in two of the most important logistics projects driven by TEN-T recently for the implementation of a "single window" with the aim of promoting multimodal transport.

Customization and adaptation of pre/post-processing modules


A library containing a suite of tools for the pre and postprocessor GiD, that facilitates the tasks of preparing and managing the analysis data, and offering professional solutions for the integration with analysis programs.


Compass offers services for tailor-made adaptation of the pre/post-processing program GiD to specific needs, including tools for parametric geometry generation, automatic mesh generation and postprocessing.

Other products

Nastran Interface

Application acting as a bridge between the pre/post processing program GiD (Custom GiD) and the most popular commercial Nastran codes worldwide used.


Application acting as a bridge between the pre/post processing program GiD (Custom GiD) and the nonlinear dynamic solver LS-Dyna.


An educational software developed by CIMNE and Compass, which is based on both RamSeries program and GiD.