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Evaluation password

Compass offers high quality software and services to his customers. To help our potential users to evaluate our technologies and products, we offer a trial/demo service by providing temporal passwords for our products.

Trial passwords are provided for a period of 30 days and activate all the capabilities of the software without any further restriction. These passwords are provided with the sole purpose of testing the program and checking its capabilities or for performing academic or research works which are not undertaken for profit. They cannot be used for any professional and/or production work.

The information necessary for obtaining the password is the following:

  • Computer name
  • Sysinfo
  • Platform name

This information can be obtained from the software program, in the top toolbar submenu Help->Register. More details can be found here.

There are two ways for obtaining a trial password:

  • Send us the previously described information by using our contact form

Note: Take into account that it may be necessary to execute the software program with enough privileges, as root or Administrator. In case of doubt, ask your computer administrator.

Note: If you are the owner of a license, permanent passwords can be obtained here.