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Tdyn-Glass is a unique simulation solution for the analysis of glass container manufacturing, providing advanced 3D tools to analyze the different aspects of the process; mold and cooling design, assessment of forming tools, optimization of forming equipment settings, container testing and assessment, and much more.

At the heart of Tdyn-Glass is the leading multi-physics simulation platform, Tdyn, offering the latest finite calculus (FIC-FEM) solver technology for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), heat transfer and conjugated heat transfer (CHT), structural mechanics and thermomechanical analysis.

Tdyn-Glass's graphic user interface (GUI) has been designed to minimize the time required to perform a simulation. After an initial selection of the process and analysis type to be carried out, the GUI is automatically configured to simplify to the most the data insertion process which only requires defining some practical engineering data, such us selection of the basic materials among a database, and configuration of the forming and cooling events, and other process parameters such as cavity rate or gob temperature.

Tdyn-Glass has been developed in collaboration with the company Vidrio Engineering which has incorporated into the tool its great experience developing engineering projects for the most relevant glass containers manufacturing companies around the globe. The reliability and accuracy of the different Tdyn-Glass’ analysis models have been contrasted in many real-life studies over the last 10 years, and validated in several experimental campaigns.

Tdyn-Glass offers the latest simulation technology for blow and blow, wide mouth and narrow neck press and blow processes. Tdyn-Glass features different analysis solutions for a wide range of applications; blank and final mold cooling optimization; heat-transfer and thermo-mechanical analysis of the forming tools, including baffle, neckring, guidering and bottom-plate; container testing and structural assessment, including vertical load, lateral and combined loads, internal pressure, thermal shock, pendulum impact and bottle-bottle impact.

Tdyn-Glass is a powerful analysis and prediction tool to conceive and create accurate, efficient and cost-effective designs. It allows a better understanding of the forming process complexity, optimizing design and operation of the forming tools, and improving forming equipment settings. It also permits to verify that a proposed design will be able to fulfill the design specifications, prior to manufacturing or construction.

Furthermore, Tdyn-Glass is conceived to merge with your current engineering processes, increasing your productivity and helping you to optimize your designs. Tdyn-Glass introduces a variety of tools to interact with your analyses, allowing having a perfect control over the design and optimization process.

For further information about Tdyn-Glass, please contact us by email at glass@compassis.com or by filling out our online contact form.