Version control system

If the files that are being edited under a Version Control System (VCS) like CVS or fossil, RamDebugger can help on managing some of the version control operations, like update, commit or add.

The requirements for this to work are the following:

  • Install the VCS executable cvs or fossil so as it can be executed from any directory (install in a directory included in the environement variable PATH)
  • Externally to Ramdebugger, prepare the source code so as it can be managed correctly from the command line
  • go to Ramdebugger menu:
  • Utitities->Version control system

    and select the directory where the sources are located

  • Update and the use the contextual submenu (right mouse button) over the files to commit or add or view or...
  • There is and indicator in the lower right side of the Ramdebugger window that shows the VCS state of the file being edited.

    Picking over that indicator a new window is open where it is possible to update, commit or add the file being edited and/or other files in the same directory or descendant directories.

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    Version control system