The only prerequisite before executing RamDebugger is to have Tcl-Tk installed. The tested version is 8.5 It can be obtained from RamDebugger has been tested on Windows and on Linux. For other UNIXes and MAC, it is necessary to obtain, separately, the package Tkhtml compiled for the platform. Without it, the help cannot be visualized. All the additional packages that RamDebugger uses, are already contained in the distribution. The distribution comes in a ZIP file. Once it is unpacked in one directory, RamDebugger is ready to begin to work.

Note: Text files inside ZIP files have Windows line-ends. UNIX and Linux users may want to unzip using something like unzip -a ... in order to change the line-ends to Unix ones. After doing this and after changing the program to executable with chmod +x RamDebugger.tcl, it is possible to start the program by just writing RamDebugger.tcl

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