To debug a TCL file locally, apply the following steps:

  • Load the TCL file inside RamDebugger with Files->Open file. To make a test, use the example located in <RamDebugger directory>/Examples/example1.tcl
  • Set a breakpoint in line 4 with Debug->Set breakpoint or press F9 after having the cursor in the desired line.
  • Start the debugger with Debug->Go or press F5. A grey arrow at the left of the text indicates that the program has stopped in that line.
  • to continue one line, use Debug->Next or press F10.
  • Use Edit->Goto line->27 and press Debug->Continue to
  • Modify source code line 21 from:

set cc $bb--qq


set cc $bb--qq2

  • to continue one line, entering in functions, use Debug->Step or press F11.
  • Press F11 several times until arrow is in line 22
  • Put the mouse cursor over variable cc and leave it there for aprox. one second. The value of the variable appears in a popup window. Note that it holds the new value, after the modification of the code.
  • To see the value of one expression, open the window: Debug->Expressions and write: [string length $i]+3
  • To modify the value of variable i, enter i in the left column of the User defined variables, enter the new value in the right column and pres Return.

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